The Resource Sociopathic society : a people's sociology of the United States, Charles Derber

Sociopathic society : a people's sociology of the United States, Charles Derber

Sociopathic society : a people's sociology of the United States
Sociopathic society
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a people's sociology of the United States
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Charles Derber
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non fiction
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Sociopathic society : a people's sociology of the United States, Charles Derber
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I. Sociopathic society -- An anatomy of sociopathic society -- II. Sociopathy and the new American dream -- Introduction: sociopathic individualism and everyday life -- The good man fills his own stomach: all-American crimes and misdemeanors -- Conversational narcissism and sociopathic talk -- Newtown is just the tip of the iceberg -- III. Sociopathic capitalism -- Is US capitalism antisocial? -- Capitalist crises and capitalism against society -- Manufacturing surplus people -- The new robber barons -- Sins of the corporate regime -- Romney's "47 percent" blunder reveals the hidden heart of his agenda (with Yale Magrass) -- Sociopathic globalization -- Kochamamie democracy -- IV. War and sociopathic foreign policy -- Introduction: sociopathy and empire -- American empire and its moral big stick (with Yale Magrass) -- The "Wright problem" )with Yale Magrass) -- What does it mean to call McCain a "war hero" candidate? (with Yale Magrass) -- When wars come home (with Yale Magrass) -- V. Climate change as sociopathy -- Violence against the earth -- How capitalism causes climate change -- Hurricane Sandy, climate sociopathy, and the infrastructure crisis -- Consumerism as sociopathy -- VI. Fascism: the ultimate sociopathic society? -- Sociopathy and the far right -- Fascism lite -- History's magic mirror: America's economic crisis and the Weimar Republic of pre-Nazi Germany (with Yale Magrass) -- VII. Alternatives and activism -- Introduction: beyond the sociopathic society -- A. New American values and the New America -- Women's values and a new America -- Capitalism: big surprises in recent polls -- The new America is not about identity politics -- The democracy deficit is the real deficit (with Paul Shannon) -- B. Alternative systems -- The UN, the barbershop, and global democracy -- Alternatives to sociopathic capitalism -- Will the world be ruled by money or human rights? -- C. Activism and what you can do -- What you can do now -- From bowling alone to Bowling Green
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xii, 307 pages
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